Safety Management System

Marine Services Western Australia Pty Ltd

One of Marine Services Western Australia Pty Ltd's core goals is safety. Safe work practices are continually reviewed and are documented in the Safety Management System. These include the Dampier Pilots and Port Walcott Pilots Mooring Procedure. Details of the Safety Management System are available on request. Mooring Procedures are avaliable for download in PDF format.

Safety Management System
The goals of this Safety Management System are to:

  • Promote safety whilst piloting in the Ports of Dampier and Port Walcott;
  • Prevent injury or loss of life; and
  • Prevent damage to the marine environment or property.

 Guidelines to meet MSWA objectives include:

  • Observance of safe working practices;
  • Identification of and implementation of safeguards against risks;
  • Provision of continuous improvement; and
  • Observation of  International, National, State and Port regulatory and statutory requirements.

As part of the document control procedure a controlled electronic version of Marine Services Western Australia's Safety Management System is available online for MSWA staff via the Employee Intranet.